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Remember ME?

Dear Self,

Where have you been?  I've been calling you for weeks ...maybe even months now. I've lost track of how many times I've called you.  You won't answer my calls, won't call me back, you won't even shoot me a text message just to say "hey girl, sorry I can't talk right now but I promise I'm ok.  Talk to you soon!"  I understand you have a lot going on with work, the kids, and your man. BUT DANG GIRL!...REMEMBER ME???!  I mean, I thought we used to have fun kicking it together.  Remember when we would go shopping together and you let me buy that too little dress and I actually wore it out!...and I was too blind to see it for myself because I just knew I was fine! lol Or remember when we hung out and laughed so hard about the "good ole days" that we both pee'd our panties a little! (okay gross right) but those were the days!...And I miss them, I miss you!  I miss us laughing until we cry. I miss us getting glammed up to go nowhere specific. I miss getting that call out of the blue from you asking, "Are you ready to ride?"  Knowing that I'd never ask "where are we going?" Honestly I believe that's why you always called me- NO QUESTIONS ASKED, lol Yep that was me!  We'd hop in your car and drive nowhere specifically just because. They used to call us adventurous! That's what I miss and I know you miss it too!  So take a break from everything else and call me!  Let's hang out soon!  Love you much!

Yours Truly,


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